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2024 Annual Meeting July 12th, 12:00-1:00 pm

2016 Winter Conference – Attendees

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If you did not pick up your Certificate of Attendance, please contact Christine at  If you need proof of attendance for CT or/and MA forester credits, specify which state(s).

Tom Abbott Supervising Forester – RI DEM Division of Forest Environment

Justin Adams Senior Licensing and Permitting Specialist – Eversource Energy

Andrea Agostino Lead Environmental Scientist – National Grid

Thomas Akin State Resource Conservationist – USDA NRCS

Arthur Allen Vice President – EcoTec, Inc.

Alexander Amendola Forestry Intern – South Central Connecticut Regional Water Authority

Peter Andrighetti Superintendent – Supreme Industries Inc.

Nicholas Anzuoini DCR Forest Manager – Mass Dept of Conservation and Recreation

David Askew – Fuss & O’Neill, Inc.

Rexford Baker   

Grant Beasley – Beasley Forest Products, Inc.

Rod Bemis Manager/Environmental Matting – Riggs Distler & Company, Inc.

Margaret Blagbrough Co-Op – Eversource

Robert Boone – Woodland Owner/Tree Farmer

Meredith Borenstein Associate Scientist – New England Environmental, Inc.

Andrew Bosse Forester – AJB Forestry Service

Nathan Boucher VP – Supreme Industries Inc.

Robert Burke owner – Vermont Forestry Associates, Inc.

Mary Brittain – Fuss & O’Neill, Inc.

Larry Bruffee Vice President – Northern Companies

Richard Canavan Senior Environmental Scientist – CME Associates, Inc.

Robin Casioppo Fuss & O’Neill, Inc.

Gail Ceresia – Berkshire Wetland Services

Scott Christensen Environmental Coordinator – Michels Corporation

Melissa Coady Project Environmental Scientist – Tighe & Bond, Inc.

Glenn Colburn Conservation Agent – Town of Sturbridge, MA

Andrew Cole Environmental Scientist – VHB

Curtis Coolidge – Carter Hill Farm

Katherine Coolidge – Carter Hill Farm

Thomas Couture Senior Vice President – Tighe & Bond, Inc.

Amanda Crouch-Smith Project Environmental Scientist 2 – Tighe & Bond, Inc.

Lee Curtis Manager of Ecological Sciences – BSC Group

Matthew Davison Senior Environmental Scientist – Tighe & Bond, Inc.

Thomas Degnan Forester – Burns & McDonnell

Marshall Dennis President/Wetland Scientist – Wetlands & Wildlife, Inc.

Jeffrey Devine – Self-employed

John Dudula Natural Resource Specialist – North Central [CT] Conservation District

Jamie Durand Senior Project Manager – Power Engineers

Charles Eaton Municipal Services Director – CME Associates, Inc.

Alexandra Echandi Wetland Scientist – BSC Group

Jeremy Fennell Senior Scientist – Epsilon Associates, Inc.

Eric Ford Environmental Consultant/Project Manager – Lucas Environmental

Sara Fusco – VHB

Luisa Galindo student – University of Massachusetts Amherst

Leo Garneau – Northeastern Consulting Forestry Services

Devleena Ghosh-Brower Project Environmental Scientist – Tighe & Bond, Inc.

Matt Giannetta Stormwater Program Manager – NYC DEP

Bruce Griffin Senior Scientist – New England Environmental, Inc.

Nicholas Guidi Environmental Scientist – Tighe & Bond

Dana Hachigian Forester – Springfield Water and Sewer Commission

Li Han student – University of Massachusetts

Forrest Hartel – YAK Mat, Inc.

Simon Hildt Project Manager – Stantec

Melissa Kaplan Project Manager/Wetland Scientist – BSC Group

Barbara Kelly Coordinator, North Central [CT] Conservation District

Matt Kelly – VHB

Corey Kooken Senior Environmental Biologist – TRC

Craig Koumbis Senior Shoring Specialist – Mabey Inc.

Paul Knapik Wetland Scientist – BSC Group

Pat Leclerc Project Manager – Supreme Industries Inc.

Lindsey Lefebvre Environmental Scientist/Project Manager – US Army Corps of Engineers

Karen Leigh Coordinator – City of Westfield [MA] Conservation Commission

Thomas Liddy – Lucas Environmental

Lori Marchegiani Administration/Environmental Matting – Riggs Distler & Company, Inc.

Christopher Martin Director, Forestry Division – CT DEEP

Susan McArthur – McArthur Environmental Consulting, LLC

Jim McAndrews National Accounts Manager – Mabey Inc.

Christin McDonough Wildlife Biologist – New England Environmental, Inc.

John McGinn Senior Environmental Scientist – VHB

Aaron Mead Environmental Compliance Manager – Northern Companies

Rocco Micelotta Outside Marketing Representative – E. J. Prescott, Inc.

Alison Milliman Environmental Specialist – Power Engineers

Jason Normandin Sales – E. J. Prescott, Inc.

Marta Nover Principal – Nover-Armstrong Associates, Inc.

Kevin O’Brien Trench Safety Specialist – United Rentals

Kevin O’Brion Environmental Scientist III – TRC

Christine Odiaga Executive Director – SWCS Southern New England Chapter

Siona Patisteas – VHB

Jeffrey Peterson Senior Soil & Wetland Scientist – VHB

David Perilli Zoning/Planning Chairman – Village of Elmsford, NY

Joseph Polulech President – JEP Engineering Co.

Theresa Portante Wetland Scientist – BSC Group

Richard Poulton Chairman, Inland Wetlands Commission – Town of East Haven, CT

Nick Powers Director of Corporate Communications – Northern Companies

Colleen Puzas Associate Wetland Scientist – New England Environmental, Inc.

Timothy Randhir Professor – University of Massachusetts

Kenny Ray Senior Sales Representative – YAK Mat, Inc.

Steven Rejniak Environmental Scientist – Tighe & Bond, Inc.

Steven Riberdy Senior Ecologist – GZA, Inc.

Dean Rice General Foreman – Riggs Distler & Company, Inc.

Adam Rosenblatt Project Manager/Senior Environmental Scientist – VHB

Daniel Rukakoski Principal Environmental Scientist – Tighe & Bond, Inc.

Eric Scherer – Scherer Consulting Services LLC

Leo Shaw National Accounts Manager – Mabey Inc.

Jeff Surette Regional Product Development – United Rentals Trench Safety

Charles Thompson President – Mass Forest Alliance

Matthew Waldrip Environmental Engineer – Eversource

Tim Ward Environmental Coordinator – Michels Corporation

Jeremie Wentworth Project Manager – Supreme Industries Inc.

Chad West Sales Representative – Yak Mat

Kevin White Town Engineer – Town of East Haven, CT

Katy Wilkins Environmental Scientist – Tighe & Bond, Inc.

Josh Wilson – Fuss & O’Neill, Inc.

Alison Wright-Hunter Service Forester – Mass Dept of Conservation and Recreation

Nicholas Zito Forester – South Central Connecticut Regional Water Authority


1 non-profit, 2 municipal, 6 federal and 9 private sector employees
who chose to remain anonymous

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