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2024 Annual Meeting July 12th, 12:00-1:00 pm

Board of Directors

President – Timothy Randhir

(SNEC Member Since 1994)

Dr. Timothy O. Randhir is a Professor of Watershed Management and Water Quality with the Department of Environmental Conservation at the University of Massachusetts.

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Timothy Randhir
John Dudula

Vice President – John Dudula

(SNEC Member Since 2013)

John Dudula has been a Natural Resource Specialist with the North Central Conservation District (NCCD) in Vernon, CT, from December 2015 to the present. The NCCD is a non-profit organization that serves municipalities and residents by providing environmental technical services and education.
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Secretary – Doug McCluskey

(SNEC Member Since 2020)

Doug McCluskey is currently employed by Everett J Prescott as the Western Erosion Control & Geoproduct Specialist. Doug has over 12 years of experience in the promotion & education of various product lines related.
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Doug McCluskey
Christine Odiaga

Treasurer – Christine Odiaga

(SNEC Member Since 2013)

Christine Odiaga is living her dream, “washed ashore” on Cape Cod, and working on the Herring River Restoration Project in Wellfleet & Truro, MA – a multi-agency effort to restore over 1000 degraded acres of the historic estuary through the incremental reintroduction of tidal exchange.
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Alison Milliman

Connecticut Representative
– Alison Milliman

(SNEC Member Since 2021)

Ms. Alison Milliman is a Senior Project Manager at BSC Group, where she provides environmental compliance, licensing, and permitting services.

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Rhode Island Representative –
Andrew Gorman

(SNEC Member Since 2022)

Andrew Gorman is a Senior Environmental Planning Specialist at Beals and Thomas, Inc., where he performs wetland delineation and is responsible for a variety of permitting tasks.
Soil and Water Conservation Society Southern New England Chapter
Moussa A. Siri

Student Director – Moussa A. Siri

(SNEC Member Since 2018)

Moussa A. Siri is a doctoral student with Dr. Timothy Randhir in environmental conservation at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

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