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2024 Annual Meeting July 12th, 12:00-1:00 pm

2017 Winter Conference – Attendees

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as of 20 February 2017:

Juliana Barrett | Associate Extension Educator, UConn Sea Grant

Lori Benoit | Project Manager, Stantec Consulting Services

Jim Berg | Project Manager, AECOM

Marc Bergeron | VHB

Meredith Borenstein | Associate Wetland Scientist, New England Environmental, Inc.

Jon Budreski | Director of Business Development, AirShark

Ruth Calabrese | Compliance & Performance Manager, Eversource

Richard Canavan | Senior Environmental Scientist, Tighe & Bond

Ian Cole | Environmental Specialist, Eversource

Elizabeth Congo | GIS Analyst, Tighe & Bond

Raymond Corvino | District Conservationist / Soil Health Specialist, USDA NRCS

Steve Damiano | Sr. Consultant/Project Manager, POWER Engineers

Matt Davison | Owner/Operator, Davison Environmental

Chris Donnelly | Urban Forestry Coordinator, CT DEEP Forestry Division

John Dudula | Natural Resource Specialist, North Central [CT] Conservation District

Jamie Durand | Sr. Project Manager, POWER Engineers

Dustin Dwyer | Sales Representative, EJ Prescott, Inc

Chuck Eaton | Director of Municipal Services, CME Associates, Inc.

Antonio Federici | Senior Scientist, Kleinschmidt

Sara Fusco | Project Environmental Scientist, Tighe & Bond

Sarah French | VHB

Michael Gaughan | Environmental Coordinator,              Eversource

Devleena Ghosh-Brower | Environmental Specialist, Eversource

Mark Grocki | Senior Project Engineer, VHB

Robert Grosof | Landscape Architect, RRG

Matthew Gustafson | Forester & Wetland Scientist, All-Points Technology Corporation, P.C.

Karen Hanecak | Project Manager, POWER Engineers

Simon Hildt | Project Manager, Stantec Consulting Services

Raina Huebner | BSC Group

Barbara Kelly | Coordinator, North Central [CT] Conservation District

Lisa Krall | Resource Soil Scientist, USDA NRCS

Mark Massoud | Administrator for Land Use, Town of Watertown CT

Chris McGinness | Land Use Inspector, Town of Southbury

Alison Milliman | Environmental Specialist, POWER Engineers

Jason Normandin | Sales Representative, E. J. Prescott, Inc.

Christine Odiaga | Project Management Associate, Friends of Herring River

James Olsen | Licensed Environmental Professional, Tighe & Bond

Timothy O’Sullivan | Project Manager, AECOM

Siona Patisteas | VHB

Joseph Pellegrino | Graduate Student, UMass Amherst

Jeff Peterson | VHB

Colleen Puzas | Environmental Specialist, SWCA Environmental Consultants

Moosa Rafey | Asst Administrator for Land Use, Town of Watertown CT

Timothy Randhir | Professor, University of Massachusetts

Krista Reinhart | Project Manager, Stantec Consulting Services

Judy Rondeau | Natural Resource Specialist, Eastern CT Conservation District

Adam Rosenblatt | VHB

Daniel Rukakoski | Principal Environmental Scientist/Associate, Tighe & Bond

Joanna Shapiro | Executive Director, North Central Conservation District

Brittany Simon | Environmental Specialist, POWER Engineers

Michael Soares | Conservation Technician, Eastern CT Conservation District

Marleigh Sullivan | Ecological Scientist, BSC Group

Katelyn Szura | graduate student, URI Moseman-Valtierra Laboratory

Lynn Towill | Sr. Environmental Specialist, Eversource

Kris van Naerssen | Environmental Scientist, AECOM

Paul Vitaliano | Project Manager, VHB

Josh Weiss | Environmental Planner, Fitzgerald & Halliday

Kevin White | Town Engineer, Town of East Haven CT

Lynn Willey | Licensed Environmental Professional, Tighe & Bond

Elizabeth Wilson | Senior Scientist, Brown and Caldwell

Joanna Wozniak-Brown | Planning Assistant, Northwest Hills Council of Governments

Anthony Zemba | Environmental Specialist, Fitzgerald & Halliday

… and 1 state, 2 municipal, 4 private sector and 8 federal employees who chose not to be identified.


—>> AGENDA (PDF) <<—

—>> BROCHURE  rev 17 Feb (PDF) <<—

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