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2024 Annual Meeting July 12th, 12:00-1:00 pm

Join the Board of Directors

Work With Our Community of

Conservation Leaders

The Southern New England Chapter was founded in 1946 and had a rich history serving Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. Our mission is to promote, educate, and advance all phases of the science of conservation of soil, water, and all related resources.

We’re looking for folks who are interested in working with our community of conservation leaders towards building a more sustainable future. Our goals include expanding our outreach, engaging students and future environmentalists, and continuing our educational events and training. A call for nominations is typically released in April, elections are in May, and new board members are announced at our Annual Summer Meetings in June.

Email us at for more information or to nominate someone.

Descriptions of SWCS SNEC
Board of Director Volunteer Positions

President (1-year term)
The President shall preside at meetings of the chapter and the board. He/she shall constitute such committees as she/he deems necessary and proper and shall make all appointments to the committees and shall perform all other duties incidental to this office and shall, with approval of the board, make such temporary appointments of officers as may be necessary between meetings.
Vice President (1-year term)
The Vice President, in the absence of the President, shall assume the responsibilities of the President. In case of a vacancy in the presidency, the Vice President shall serve as President for the remainder of that year; in case of a vacancy in the office of President-Elect, the Vice President shall serve as President-Elect for the remainder of the year.
President-Elect (1-year term)
The President-Elect shall automatically become President when the President’s term expires. The President-Elect may appoint committee members and plan activities to become effective at the time he/she becomes President. In the absence of both the President and Vice President, the President-Elect will assume the responsibilities of the President; the President-Elect shall take primary responsibility for membership and budget development and management in the chapter and other duties as deemed by the President.
Secretary (1-year term)
The Secretary will keep minutes of all regular and special meetings of the chapter, and at the discretion of the President, shall issue notices of all meetings and shall perform such other duties as are incident to the office.
Treasurer (2-year term)
The Treasurer shall be responsible for all funds of the SWCS Southern New England Chapter, although the Executive Director handles much of the fiscal responsibility for the board. He/she shall be elected for a minimum term of two years.
State Representative (3-year term)
In addition to managing the membership for her/his state and participating in the board’s monthly teleconference meetings, the State Representative also coordinates the chapter’s summer meeting on a rotating basis. State Representative election rotation is as follows: Rhode Island, FY 2020-21; Massachusetts, FY 2021-22; and Connecticut, FY 2022-23.
Student Director (1-year term)
The student director must be a full-time student enrolled at an accredited university or college, pursuing a course of study relevant to the chapter’s mission. The student director will work directly with the Executive Director, with guidance from the board through monthly teleconference meetings, to help coordinate student outreach and participation.


If you are interested in helping support our cause, please consider donating! Checks can be mailed to our Treasurer. Please contact for more information. Stay tuned for online donations, which will be accepted later in 2022.