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2024 Annual Meeting July 12th, 12:00-1:00 pm

2022 Annual Summer Meeting

2022 Annual Summer Meeting

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2022 Annual SNEC Summer Meeting

The Southern New England Chapter of the Soil and Water Conservation Society is hosting a field excursion on Wednesday, July 20 in Kingston, Rhode Island in collaboration with the URI Cooperative Extension. The event will begin with our SNEC Annual Meeting (open to all attendees, members and non-members) which is when we will announce the results of our 2022-23 Board of Directors Election, reflect on the past year, and discuss our goals for the future of the Chapter. Following this, we will hear from members of the University of Rhode Island Cooperative Extension, Alissa Cox and Elizabeth Herron. Elizabeth Herron is the Program Coordinator for URI’s Watershed Watch Program, Rhode Island’s largest volunteer water quality monitoring. She is actively involved in assessing water quality and watershed conditions throughout the state, including lakes, ponds, streams, salt ponds, and marine beaches. 

Alissa Cox is the director of the New England Onsite Wastewater Training Program (NEOSTP). She earned her PhD in URI’s Laboratory of Soil Ecology and Microbiology (LSEM) and is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Natural Resources Science department at URI. Alissa Cox will speak on the performance of different advanced treatment technologies and their effects on local water quality. After the presentations, attendees will participate in a guided tour of the Wastewater Treatment Center and Peckham Farm. After lunch, we’ll tour the onsite wastewater training center at Peckham Farm, where we’ll look at examples and explore the functions of different types of septic system technologies in our model systems. Afterward, we’ll go on a driving tour adapted from a tour developed by our partners at the Town of Charlestown to illustrate how advanced wastewater treatment matters, and what’s at stake.

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